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Review: The Magic of Disney Lives On

The invitation asked:

Please let us know if:

a) You would be attending this event with your possibly grouchy child who might need a restraining jacket to prevent her from breaking everything in the cafe or
b) You would like to have a 2-hour break from being a harried housewife and enjoy a proper conversation with other mums over coffee

Ooo. Tough question. But it had to be done. And the lunch and coffee at Hatched was heavenly. Thanks Disney, for having me.

Credits: Images courtesy of Disney

If you are a parent of a 2-7 year old and are crying out for age appropriate TV shows for your young ones, good news! Grab your popcorn/healthy equivalent of child snack and sit comfortably because come 11 July, Disney Junior will be available on Starhub channel 311, with an array of new animated shows, educational bite-sized value and developmental focused snippets, as well as the familiar well-loved characters.

Disney Junior replaces the current Playhouse Disney, and what's great is that the programmes air almost all day long instead of just the late morning/early afternoon as Playhouse Disney currently does. It also caters to a wider age group (2-7, instead of 2-5), and will include more family-favouite movies from Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios like Tangled and Toy Story.

Seriously, if I had to choose between letting Poppy watch an age appropriate programme instead of a Taiwanese drama while I prepare dinner, the choice is clear.

Supporters of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (Meeska Mooska Mickey Mouse!), Special Agent Oso (a special agent stuffed panda! who helps kids accomplish everyday tasts like cleaning their rooms), and Handy Manny (a friendly handyman who has a fiesty set of talking tools and helps neighbours with their fix-it projects), rest assured. Your favourite programmes will still remain, and you can look forward to new episodes as well.

In addition, there will be new programmes like (remember Captain Hook and Smee from Peter Pan? They star in this too!), as well as Jake and the Never Land Pirates and The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That (yes, the Cat from Dr Seuss!). See sneaks of Jake and the Never Land Pirates here. And if you think the theme song is cool, you want to know why? It was written and performed by (get this) a pirate rock band! Apparently they (it) do (does) exist! And the pirate band will travel (in character) around giving performances for kids too. Yo ho ho to that, I say.

It's hooray for us because as much as I like Anthony from The Wiggles, I can sing almost all the songs and know all the dance steps. So I'm looking forward to new challenges and new song. And honestly, I think I could really learn a thing or two about tools and DIY projects from Handy Manny too. Now all that's left for us to do is to decide if we want to be acquainted with cable TV again. Which, judging by what we know of our procrastinating selves, may take a while.

But well, for those of you who already are hooked up with StarHub, not to worry, you don't have to do anything for the transition. Just click channel 311 and from July 11 onwards, you'll automatically be watching the new Disney Junior channel instead of Playhouse Disney.

Normally it is said that TV is passive and that kids shouldn't watch too much of it. But if I feel that if it's an educational programme and we're able to watch it with them and answer their questions and present new ones to them at the same time, we encourage them to engage their inquisitive side, and that makes it better. Plus, their upbeat songs and lively energetic characters are bound to brighten your spirits, and you get to spend time with your Junior doing what he likes.

* Disclaimer: I received an invitation to the launch of the programme, but did not receive any payment for this. All opinions expressed in this blog entry are entirely my own.

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  1. Haha! It was great to meet other blogging mamas, and also have a chance to eat good food. The restraining jacket would have been useful. Darnit, I have to order on that can fit my bag. ;)


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