Friday, February 3, 2012

Attacking the Alphabet : A

I've had this idea for a while. That we would attack a letter a week and in 26, Poppy would be Madame Alphabet Genius. Unfortunately, my thoughts were a year too early. I even printed out letter tracers for her but she wasn't interested them then.

Now each week, Poppy's teachers give us 2 thin files with activity sheets that they do in class. Today we went through them together and I realised that the teachers had started them on letter tracing.

Yippee, so called on-the-ball Mama, just like upper and lower case letters, you let the teachers beat you to it. I smell a "Mother of the Year" award coming up.

But Max made me feel much better by saying that schools know the best time to teach the most appropriate topics to kids, and by complementing that, we're doing our part as parents. Yeah, I guess. But *I* want to be the one who gets to introduce new stuff to Poppy! *pout*

Anyway, I thought that now would be a perfect time for us to pick up where we left off. But since the dust had already accumulated on the old sheets I had, I quickly printed new stuff for her. Thankfully I had just written this article (see January 2012's issue of Young Parents magazine for full article) rather recently, and had done loads of research, so knew exactly where to locate resources quickly.

It's really not that I am gearing her up for school. Nope, nothing like that. Just thought that it would be fun to have a sort of theme around the things we do at home, that's all.

I'm just explaining the background of how we got started on this, so bear with me. Posts about the other letters of the alphabet will be much shorter and to the point. I promise. Well OK, I don't. But they probably will be shorter. I promise to try. And shut it, Yoda.

So here we go. Presenting.... The Letter A!

Here's what we did:
We printed them out from DLTK. They're great because they feature both upper and lower case letters.


We got books from the library about Ambulances and Autumn. We also have the 365 Days of Baby Einstein book which I bought for the Lil Miss actually, but thankfully I opened the shrink wrap and discovered a page about Alligators. So we read that too. Did you know that despite having 80 teeth, alligators do not chew their food?

We made 3 "A" crafts: An Aquarium (we cut ours out free-hand but you can get templates from First School) with Max's old Macbook box, an Apple magnet with felt and a lid from an old jam jar, as well as an Alligator (check out No Time For Flashcards - love the name of the blog - for more great ideas!).

Poppy really likes colouring now. So we coloured an Ambulance, an Apple, an Astronaut, and an Alligator. She asked for stars, like her teacher gives, and cheekily asked for 10. Why not? :)

This afternoon we're going to visit a pet shop to look at aquariums!

We watched an episode of Barney and sang along to the song "The Ants Go Marching"

Apples appeared on our table as dessert


We talked a little about Australia, where Poppy's boyfriend Ned lives.

And of course, Poppy needs to know that her Mama's name begins with "A". I tried to teach her "Amazing and Astounding Adora" but that got a little tricky.

We had so much fun with the letter A, and did all the stuff over 4 days. Looking forward to B!

More activities for preschoolers here


  1. Great idea! I will do the same for my girl soon :)

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Madeline. Your baby girl might be a bit too young for some of the activities (esp the tracers), but I think she'll enjoy the books and the aquarium visit!! There's one quite near our place, opposite the market

  3. I love the Aquarium! We did something to the like but was more an ocean scene. I really like the multi disciplinary approach where you took the time to incorporate arts/craft, songs, food, etc. :) Will be plowing through the rest of your posts! Good job!

  4. Thanks! :) I didn't know where to limit the scope cos everything "A" just started popping up at me!!


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