Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Must-Do: Newborn photo shoot!

Calla, 6 days old

I have many talents - I can take a full shower, including a hairwash, in less than 5 minutes. I can read upside down. I am a real pro at multitasking. And ever since I became a mum, I learnt that I could do most things with one hand - but photography isn't one of them.

One thing I really regret not doing for Poppy is bringing her for a photoshoot as a newborn. So it was on the To-Do list for Calla. I know many people who scoff at newborn photography when they're pregnant, and regret it when their kids are older.

I took my maternity shots for both pregnancies at The Studio Loft, so it made sense for me to go back to them for Calla's newborn shots.

Please allow me to share on why I really really think every baby deserves a studio shot (unless of course their parents are really good photographers) .

The way they're so tiny and wrinkly, the way their bodies turn red when they cry so forcefully, their hairy backs, shoulders and ears... That only lasts a mere number of weeks.

Oh and not forgetting, the way they sleep absolutely anywhere and in any position. Also the time span for which your child will allow you to put props on them and contort them in their sleep is limited.

All these things, these beautiful natural things that your baby does - yawning, curling up, kicking her feet, clenching her fists - you don't notice them because you see her everyday. And one day, you'll forget how tiny she used to be.

The way they curl up in your arms... simply precious.

And don't forget your older kids, if you have any. They suddenly look GIGANTIC.

One day, when they're 1 and throwing food off their high chair, or when they're 3 and asking you a million questions, you'll want a picture like this to look back on and sigh.

I just know that when the girls are adults, they'll look at this picture and say "Oh my gosh, were we that small?" and I'll be so glad I had this picture taken.

Finally, we have a family photo

I can almost imagine the speech bubbles.
If you will permit this non LOTR fan to quote
the only line from LOTR she knows: "My preciousssss"

Check out more of The Studio Loft's work on their Facebook page. Maryann, the Founder and Chief Photographer of The Studio Loft , sets aside 2 hours for newborn shots (called the Teeny Weeny package - how cute!). If you're worried because you think you're going to be tired from smiling all throughout that time, don't be. It's a 2-hour session so that you can take breaks to nurse Baby, or change her diaper, or just to soothe her, so the session can still proceed at a leisurely pace.

The price for a 2-hour photoshoot is $250 (returning customers get 20% off), which includes 6 prints (1 x S8R and 5 x 5R). The edited soft copies of these 6 will also be given. Extra pictures are at $15 per 5R (hard and soft copy), and if you like all the pics so much, you can have them at $250 (unedited but high res).

If you're expecting or have a newborn, this is highly recommended. They may be your babies forever, but they only really look like babies once.

Disclaimer: Our photo session was sponsored by The Studio Loft, but we paid for all our chosen photo images and prints. All opinions are my own and not influenced by any external sources.


  1. Beautiful pics, Adora... absolutely love the family pic! :)

  2. So cute! Calla seems asleep most of the time, sweet. =) The pic of poppy and her will be precious! Hope you are enjoying every bit of being a mum of two! =)

  3. Really lovely pictures. I didn't do any newborn shoots with my kids but did take a lot of pictures with them when they were just born.

  4. Very nice! I absolutely regretted not taking studio pix of the kids when they were just born. So preciousssss indeed!!! :)

  5. I am totally moved by your strong words and powerful shots by Maryann. If only I know you earlier and urge my not-keen-at-studio-photo hubby:(. sigh...

  6. beautiful photos Adora! :) memories for life indeed.

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  7. absolutely love that p&c moment! nice....

  8. Awww ... now I feel like having another baby just to get those newborn pics!

  9. Love love love your baby pics...especially the one curled up in your arms.

  10. love love love those pics, especially the one curled up in your arms. How lovely!

  11. Love these photos! And you're amazing to head for a photoshoot just 6 days after given birth! *salute*

    1. Thanks! We were advised to go for the shoot while Calla was less than 2 weeks. Some of the shots can only be done with a very small and cooperative baby hehe.

      I love that one that she's asleep in my arms too! But I was so afraid that she'd pee on me!!

  12. I really love the simplicity of a baby all curled up. Less props and more natural artistic look.


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