Monday, August 6, 2012

The #CookForFamily Initiative - I Love Cooking for My Family!

I grew up watching my late grandmother cook all kinds of yummy nonya delights. I remember thinking then, as a child of 8 or 9, that I should ask her to teach me the recipes so that I could continue to cook them after she passed. But she was a traditional woman, and since it was considered bad luck to talk about death, all the recipes got buried along with her.

I loved having home cooked meals so the one thing that was very clear to me when I became a mother was that I would cook for my kids. 

The first thing I ever cooked on my own, was at a Home Economics class in school, when I was 13. I threw 2 sausages into a pot and boiled them. I suppose the teachers wasn't too keen on having a group of 13 year-old girls screaming at oil splattering all over the kitchen.

Broccoli with mushrooms and scallops, fried fish, egg with long beans, and a mixture of brown and white rice

I've come quite a long way since those days. I'm not an excellent cook, but I can whip up a decent meal in a decent amount of time. It used to be easier before Max adopted a pescatarian diet. So now I plan some meals where we all eat the same thing (like pasta with a vegetarian sauce), or some meals where we have many dishes, and Poppy and I can have meat dishes while we share the fish and veggies.

It's hard to schedule breakfasts together because we are up at different times, and we're at different places for lunch so that's out of the question too. So dinner is our meal together. We sit together and eat together as a family. No phones, very seldom TV, and these days, we play cards as we eat (Poppy is really good at poker!). Even Calla joins us at the table; I'm either nursing her, or she's in her rocker.

Before this initiative, we never had a reason to take a picture of us having dinner. I'm glad we did. When the girls grow up, I'll be glad to have pictures like these that help us remember the little things of our everyday life.

It's nice to be able to unwind as a family. It's nice to enjoy a meal together. It's nice to talk and laugh together without being distracted by objects of technology. It's nice to know that just by cooking for my family, we are all able to achieve that simple happiness.

And it's very nice to hear your little one say "Thank you Mama, for cooking my dinner". Very nice indeed. I hope my girls will grow up with fond memories of our dinners together.

PS There are over 100 other bloggers who are participating in the CookForFamily initiative! Don't forget to check them out!


  1. Your cooking is very good indeed, and if you haven't noticed, it's very seldom that anything gets thrown away, as we always finish everything :D

    And Poppy has a better appetite when eating at home, showing that she appreciates it more than eating out.

    Hurray for our dinners!

  2. I love your bowls!!! :)

    Me got MIL to cook daily... no reason to participate - yet! Haha!

  3. Great that you are cooking for the family too. Very soon you be able to cook and experiment with more different dishes as Calla gets bigger and can try your homecook food too. :P


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