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Review: The Polliwogs @ Robertson Walk - More Space, More Fun! (Plus aGiveaway!)

The first time we went to The Polliwogs at East Coast Beach was almost exactly 3 years ago. Wow. I keep wanting to go back with Poppy but truthfully, if we're all the way at that part of the woods, I'd rather hang out by the beach.

So imagine my utter delight when I found out that there was a new (and bigger!) outlet open at Robertson Walk. That's literally within walking distance! Well, quite a walk, but still.

A Saturday morning to spend going down giant slides, getting lost in mazes, zipping down Flying Foxes and simply having a whale of a time, what's not to like? Needless to say, Poppy was in heaven.

Love the big shoe/pram storage area. All indoor playgrounds should have this!

Once inside, the first thing that greeted us was the rock wall. Before I could complete my sentence of "Hey Poppy look, a rock wall! Wanna have a go?", she was already halfway up. 

"Mama, where are the ropes?" she asked :)

If you've got a kid that's constantly tugging on your pants, or if you're the sort who absolutely need to follow your kid around, then it's up and down and all around the hamster cage for you (good luck, my friend - I feel your backache). Kids absolutely love the whole hamster cage thing. I don't blame them. It's really fun. There were things to climb over, things to crawl under, things to avoid, things to swing on, things not to swing on, things to push aside... I wish I had one of these places when I was a kid. 

Similar to its older sister outlet at East Coast Beach, The Polliwogs @ Robertson Walk also has the ball cannon area where kids gather up balls into buckets, carry them up to their second floor galleries and shoot at unsuspecting passersby. Poppy would collect the balls but never quite made it to the second floor. Perhaps if she had been slightly older, it might have appealed to her more. But she was happy just picking the balls. Rather, commanding me to pick the balls.

Ball collector on her rounds

Err, bang bang.

Umm, bang bang bang?

Parents like myself who are paranoid about security will love this: There was only one entry and exit point, and it was always manned by 2 counter staff. Also, kids are not allowed to go out to the toilets without being accompanied by an adult.

All parents would love this: There is a cafe. Where you can sit. And have a coffee. What beautiful words they are. Let's take a moment to savour them.

There are also 2 function rooms that you can rent for functions like your company's Dinner and Dance or Staff Appreciation Night. Or even yeah, stuff like your kid's birthday party.

Tucked in a little corner is the quieter baby/toddler area, where play things and people move at a much slower pace. The walls are lined with play things for the little ones, there's a really cool water slide, a ball pit, yet another slide (but much smaller) as well as a rotating carousel kind of thing, or otherwise known to Poppy and I as "our train".

From these pictures, you can hardly tell that it's Calla's first time at an indoor playground.

Little one was captivated by the cute baby she met at The Polliwogs. "Hey! You're botak too!"

"Oooooo..... It's so beautiful....."

Ball pit. Like a boss

Everything just looks so bright and cheerful in this pic. Love it!

I'm a little too old and outof shape tall for a place like this now, but like I said, I really wish there were places like these when I was growing up!

Oh and I was very pleasantly surprised that the music was kept at the minimum volume. Places with blasting music and voices of kids singing out of tune so give me a headache :S

The Polliwogs @ Robertson Walk is located at 11 Unity Street #02-18/19 Robertson Walk (that's in the area of Liang Court and UE Square)
Children aged 2 to 12 pay $20 for unlimited play on weekdays (kids below 2 pay $13), and $25 for 2 hours on weekends (kids below 2 pay $13). Accompanying adults need not sneak in; they go in for free.
PS don't forget your socks!

Updated 08 Oct 2012:
Great news! The kind folks at The Polliwogs would like me to pick 3 lucky winners to enjoy some fun time at The Polliwogs for free! How cool is that!

Here's what you have to do to participate:
All 4 points must be fulfilled. Incomplete entries will be disqualified! 
(it's bolded and underlined and in a different font colour and all, so "But I didn't know!" is not an acceptable excuse)

1. Like The Polliwogs' FB page
2. Like The Gingerbreadmum's FB page (if you have not already done so!)
3. Leave a comment on this blog telling me what you will be doing when your little one is expelling his/her energy at The Polliwogs @ Robertson Walk
4. Leave your name and email address. Well, only if you want to be contacted if you win :)

Giveaway will close on 13 Octber 2012, at 11.59pm. 

Terms and conditions:
* When contacted, winners must be OK to give me their names, IC numbers and mobile numbers as there will be no physical ticket given (they will be identified at The Polliwogs through their provided details)
* Free entry is only applicable to The Polliwogs @ Robertson Walk between October 15 and November 16 (inclusive), excluding Public Holidays
* Each winner will enjoy complimentary entry for one child. Unless you and your spouse each submits an entry, and both win
* Now now, don't flood my post. One entry per person only, please
* This giveaway is only open to readers in Singapore.

Edited 15 Oct 2012:
Congratulations, Daniel, Ailin and Ai Lee! I will be writing to you soon to ask for your details :)

Edited 22 Oct 2012:
No reply from Daniel, so repicked a winner: Congratulations Lindy!

Disclaimer: We received one complimentary entry pass for Poppy (the big guys+Calla went in for free) for purposes of this review but were not compensated in any way. All opinions are mine and not influenced by any external sources.


  1. Seriously, I want a indoor playground near my house too!

    1. Returning for grabbing the chance! Here:
      - liked both FB pages
      - I would read for a while, then head into the playground to track them and make sure they remember who am I, then head out for reading, with cuppa. Repeatedly for 2 hours.


  2. Calla's pink stripes look so outstanding from the balls in the background :) Nice photos Adora!

  3. Hi Adora,
    I brought my son there few days ago, he loves it so much. In fact, this outlet is actually bigger than the East Coast. The party rooms are more spacious and more tables & chairs for parents.

    The only thing is the food is quite expensive. :( I reckon the set-up and maintenance cost of the pantry is high, that's why.

  4. 1 & 2 - "Liked" both a nong, nong time ago...
    3. When BabyMoo is having a blast - I'd be breaking my back looking after him! Well... the odd 5 / 10 minutes when Mr.Moo takes a pee break, at least! Otherwise I'd be busy taking pics to post! :D


  5. I'll be busy checking out the venue for my DD's birthday in December! She hasn't been there before so a trip is much needed.


  6. Done 1 and 2.
    While my girl is playing, I'll be following her around with my camera and jumping into the ball pits and going down the slide with her.

  7. i'll be having my own ME-TIME chilling with a book n a cuppa of coffee......this is very much needed n appreciated!!That explain the popularity of these indoor playground!! :)
    Crystal Ng

  8. Aah, I am a great lover of indoor playgrounds, where my boys can expend their energy while I conserve mine - enjoying my coke and tuna mayo sandwich! ;)

  9. Liked and Liked. Will be doing the canon ball shooting. My boy is growing at an amazing speed. Having a good time catching up. Gonna be chasing, climbing, shooting, squeeshing with my boy in Polliwogs. Will be another workout day - haha. Can't wait for a sliding good time at Polliwogs.


  10. Done 1 and 2 also.
    I'll be busy snapping pictures of the kids when I'm at the indoor playground with them.

    dominiquegoh (At) gmail (dot) com

  11. My boy would love this! Once he is in there, he will be running up & down every corner, & my eyes will be following where he is... Occasionally join in the chase physically....but always ending up panting ...

    By the way, your 2 girls are so lovable!

  12. Playing along together with her! Haha.

  13. I would be keeping an eye on my little crawler and hopefully having a cuppa at the same time.

  14. 1) Liked both FB
    2) Daddy will be running after the girl in the playground and I will be snapping photos of them :)
    3) Angie - angelinesim(at)yahoo(dot)com

  15. Done both!
    I guess I would be busy carrying the little one running around the place to watch after the bigger one.
    Ailin, ailin(dot)ong(at)gmail(dot)com

  16. If he doesn't need my attention, I will be catching up with some mummy friends to share about this new place for play.

  17. Like both pages!
    I think I will be busy running after my elder boy, taking pictures on him having fun while daddy will be in the cafe enjoying his coffee and looking after my younger boy.
    Tris -

  18. If he doesn't need my attention, I would be on the phone sharing about this new place to my mummy friend.

  19. 1&2: done!

    3. I'll be checking out the place to have his first birthday party there while the daddy will keep an eye on the lilttle one:) of course, not forgetting cam whoring him and the place!

    You Fei

  20. 1&2:done!

    3. I'll be busy checking out the venue for his first birthday party and cam whoring while the daddy keeps an eye on him :p


  21. I will at least have some time to sit down for a cup of cuppa while the kids are at play... but that is provided the youngest one (1yo) is napping, which is rarely possible when at such funky place. Otherwise, I will be burning tons of calories with my 3 kids in the play area!

    Ai Lee

  22. Loved what you said about the music and security, Adora! It totally puts my mind at ease and sounds like the perfect place to enjoy a coffee while my two sons chase each other round the place.


  23. I will be running around and play together with her despite of my low stamina and of course not forgetting to snap her/our happy and mischievous expressions :)

    Geraldine Lim

  24. I'll be having my coffee fix while entertaining #2 coz Papa will be busy playing with #1 !

  25. I will be having my coffee (while trying to avoid baby from grabbing it outta my hands) and snapping pix of jiejie having a blast with Papa!

  26. Opps, its Lindy Koh at

  27. 1 & 2 done

    3. I probably will be looking after the kid and snapping photo at the same time.

    4. Lilium D
    walk_of_life (at) live (dot) com

  28. I would prob had my baby carrier with my no 2 n running around taking photos of my no 1 n uploading them onto Facebook instantly!


  29. 1 & 2 Liked

    I'll be expelling my energy too. I'll be too busy chasing after my little boy and taking cute photos at the same time.



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