Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Activities for Babies: Treasure Bottles

Oooooh shiny!
Poor Calla is often sulking in the cot while Poppy and I are working on the table. If she makes her unhappiness known loud enough, I would pick her and plonk her on my lap while continuing with Poppy. Which means I have curious hands to hold, and we have to be mindful of the numerous dangerous-for-baby items that are around us.

Poppy is wonderful with her efforts of "Calla, noooooooo!'. Truth be told, she is sometimes even more attentive than I am. I can even get away with washing a few dishes when Poppy is around Calla. I always know whatever Calla is doing from Poppy's running commentary.

Our lives have changed a fair bit since Calla's joined us, and we've learnt to change our routines to fit her in. Today Poppy and I made some treasure bottles for Calla. Poppy is entertained, Calla gets a new toy, I feel guiltless. Win-win-win. I love how I kill three birds with one stone with activities like these.

It's such a simple thing but Poppy really enjoyed it. We chose items that were too dangerous for Calla to play with, but would love to look at. So we popped some buttons, sequins and cut up straws into clear bottles, and gave them to her. We deliberately picked items that made different noises, and were bright and cheerful.

I almost had to pry the jar of sequins away from Poppy. That girl just melts when she sees sequins. "Just one more spoonful, Mama, just one more!" and she goes on to add another 5. :)

She crawls to the bottles, picks them up, shakes them, then tries to bite them. So we had to make sure they were screwed them on tight so that little fingers were not able to open them.  The greatest thing about these bottles is that they are cheap, and reusable so we can change the contents anytime!

Straws, buttons and of course, glitter is a girl's best friend

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