Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I'm That Kind of Mum

Kids, I surrender. You win.

Ain't got no swanky office
Work's piled under marketing lists

Cos I'm a mum
A work-at-home mum

Baby's crying from a fall
At the start of a conference call

Cos I'm a mum
Professional mum

Gave up insensible shoes
To squat and kiss boo-boos
Cos I'm a mum
A practical mum 

My pay is kinda crappy
My mood, it's kinda snappy

Cos I'm a mum
An "I need to sleep" mum

Gave up a thousand or four
To do the things that matter more
Cos I'm a mum
A bye-bye-career mum

Economic contribution?
Let's talk after dinner preparation
I'm a mum

No-domestic-help mum

My body's oh so weary
Why do kids get up so early
I'm a mum
An I-want-to-sleep-in mum

Got no time to match clothes to shoes
Just grab whatever's clean and loose
Cos I'm a mum
An I-miss-looking-good mum

Sure I'd love to dress up
But my kids lost all my make up
Cos I'm a mum
No-more-cosmetics mum 

May have no real boss at my back
But the kids cut me no slack
Cos I'm a mum
Frequently bullied mum

No time to brush my hair
The school bus is already there
Cos I'm a mum
Perpetually late mum

When the kids are off at school
I ain't lounging by no pool

Cos I'm a mum
A "no time for me" mum

Phonics, craft, science and numbers
But really, I'm no teacher
Just a mum
Home learning mum

Fell asleep accidentally
At 8pm with the baby
Cos I'm a mum
A tired mum

Co-sleeping indefinitely
Nursing on demand, that's me
Cos I'm a mum
A milk-buffet mum

Picking toys at late o'clock
Feet finding pegs and Lego blocks
Cos I'm a mum
A try-to-be-neat mum

Bring the kids to the PD
Oh shucks, I've forgotten money
Cos I'm a mum
Absent-minded mum

Every day is filled with laundry
And "Mama just one more story"
Cos I'm a mum
A do-it-all mum

Late to meet our friends for dinner
The baby's still just in her diaper
Cos I'm a mum
A frazzled mum

Spare the rod and spoil the child?
I only hope they don't grow wild
Cos I'm a mum
Non-violent mum

Don't need no thermometer
To know they've got a fever
Cos I'm a mum
Experienced mum

People laugh at me when I say
It's tough to entertain kids all day
But I'm a mum
A hands-on mum

Excuse me if I'm not jolly
Just kicked over a full potty
Yes I'm a mum
A "sh*t happens" mum

Head's hot and nose is runny
Sick leave? Oh you're so funny!
I'm a mum
24/7 mum

No I don't think I'm wasting my time
I'll care for my kids, they're mine
I'm a mum
My kids' mum

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  1. I absolutely love this, Adora! Do u already have a tune to this or is it gonna just be a rap? Haha! I'm gonna sing it to my own tune!

    1. Haha it goes to the tune of "I was climbing up the mountain when it came out like a fountain, diahorrea, diahorrea"

      Unfortunately I learnt such a song in my youth, yes

  2. Yes can so foresee it turning into a song or rap like the Fiat's motherhood rap. Hey and you forgot, you're a pretty cool mom too :)

  3. I heart your kids!!! They are so Adorable!!!

    1. One thing's for sure, they're game for funny pics!

  4. Love this! says it all Adora! Says it ALL!

  5. Super awesome! You are great at rhyming! Love the milk-buffet mum, can totally relate!! Hee. Thanks for making me smile!

  6. Love love love this Adora! And Poppy's expression just nails it!

  7. So funny and yes, I can identify with so much of what you said.

    1. I can imagine! You trying to craft, the boys climbing all over...

  8. U definitely have a talent in rap/songwriting, another alternative project that u can do working at home? Love the apt!

    1. I should change my wardrobe and buy caps so I can wear then sideways, and lots of dollar sign bling? Gangsta mum!

  9. ohhh... so you are *THAT* kind of mum.....
    The best kind! :)

    (Poppy's propping up Calla's head in 2nd pic. Hilarious!)

  10. It ain't much better
    Over here in my corner
    Cuz I'm a dad
    An "it's-your-turn" dad

  11. This post just goes to show how awesome of a Mum you are - and you can't put a price to that :)

    1. No but I would never say no to money!

  12. You're way too cool
    and way too sassy
    Poopy and Calla
    are so blessed to have your as their Mommy! :)

    Brilliant piece of rap, coming from a brillant mind.

  13. amazing la.. u should work as a jingle composer or something

  14. Love love love it...ha ha...all stay home moms can relate...

  15. Love love love it...ha ha...all stay home moms can relate...

  16. This makes me smile. :) Can totally relate to all of this! And your kids are so adorable in the pics!

  17. Cute!!! Very creative post !

  18. Very well written!! I love it! You should send this to get it published or something.

  19. i love this! should compose a tune to it and start a jingle! i can imagine a music video for it now!

  20. Adora, this is soo funny ! love it ! and I especially love the picture of you holding the white flag ! haha


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