Monday, May 27, 2013

50 Things to do this June

The June holidays are going to be here real soon! Which probably translates into: excited kids and panicky mums. Here's a list of 50 fun and free (or almost free) activities you can do!

1. Hit the beach

2. Water play. Many shopping centers have nice water play areas. Our favorites are the ones at VivoCity, TampinesONE and i12Katong

3. Visit the library - Sometimes they have free story telling or craft sessions. Check library website for details on session timings

4. Children's Season is here again, which means entry into many museums are free! What are you waiting for!

5. Make a family tree

6. Go "traveling" by taking the train from one end to another. Tip: choose a route that's mostly above ground. Underground is really boring for kids! You can make a little list of things for your kids to spot as well.

7. Prepare a treasure hunt - you can make it an indoor hunt, or one around your neighborhood, or even an elaborate one which involves different modes of transport

8. Have a picnic. An indoor one counts too

9. Explore your neighborhood like a tourist

10. Visit grandparents and spend time with them

11. Check out the fire stations on Saturdays when they have Open Houses

12. Enjoy a free concert at the Botanic Gardens

13. Make ice cream

14. Go camping! Either at the beach or at home


15. Decorate bedsheets

16. Host your own Olympic Games

17. Bake cookies

18. Make rainbow lollies on hot days

19. Send cards and write letters to friends. Don't forget to post them

20. Open a restaurant

21. Visit a new playground

22. Decorate your windows

23. Pop corn for a movie date at home. Yes, that does mean staying up past bedtime!


24. Visit your old school

25. Relax with a home-made facial mask (all you need is yoghurt and runny honey)

26. Make your own play dough

27. Make messy art

28. Paint your daughter's nails

29. Make chalk drawings on pavements

30. Play games on quiet afternoons

31. Learn new words

32. Read, read, read

33. Dress up

34. Go hunting for hidden letters of the alphabet in your city

35. Build card castles

36. Make personalised t-shirts (how to do it)

37. Plant seeds

38. Make your own games

39. Visit a pet shop

40. Conduct science experiments

41. Go for a walk after the rain

42. Chase pigeons

43. Invite neighbour friends for a splashing good time

44. Take a double decker bus ride. And of course, sit on the upper deck, and right in front!

45. Watch a sunrise or sunset

46. Make a rainbow with coloured paper and contact paper

47. Make a wish at a fountain

48. Go for walks with no agenda. Holding hands is compulsory!

49. Create your own story book

50. Make a blanket fort

Enjoy your June holidays!

More activities for preschoolers here


  1. Go visit Mamie in Ste-Julie, Quebec, Canada - priceless.

  2. haha! i love the photo of Calla for 'make messy art'! and is that the playground at TP? the one where your husband and Poppy are on that tyre-rope thinggie.

    1. That playground is at Temasek Poly, where the girls joined me one day after work :)

  3. Love the photos personalised tees and chasing pigeons!
    indoor picnic had me in stitches! Check out the sunnies! :)

  4. we're gonna have a very packed June with 3 weddings and a family trip, but I love the ideas here. Thanks for sharing!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  5. I love all the craft ideas!! Now I just need to find the time!! It's like the supplies are all home, what am I waiting for that kinda thing, ya know? Thanks for the tips, Adora!

  6. I love how visually appealing this post is, and FIFTY is just hard too resist. I also appreciate that many of these things you listed are either cheap or free! I've added a link to this post to my round-up of June holiday activity lists entry here:

    Have a great family holiday! (and a truly enjoyable flight in the back row)

  7. Another thing you can do is this ongoing treasure hunt, in singapore. seems like there are winners for their prizes but i've never managed to find the codes...


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