Friday, June 28, 2013

Same Same but Different - Jetlag

Before I became a mum, I travelled. Well not much, but a fair bit. Both for work and for leisure. And I would always face jetlag head on, by sleeping it off.

And I do, carefree singleton that I was.

Now that I travel with kids, my brain tells me that I should tackle jetlag the same way.

Only I don't.

This is how we have been fighting jetlag at home. They start off by joining forces and ganging up on me.

Then they decide to take turns to torment me. When one gives in to sleep, the other gets up to play, great tag teaming effort to prevent me from sleeping. Yay, sisters rule and all that.

Calla may only be 14 months old but she already knows what buttons to press. She uses her sweetest voice and says the cutest things at 2 in the morning. She also climbs on me and attacks my stomach with raspberries. It's hard to maintain a straight face when there is a symphony of farting sounds (that aren't actually farts) followed by peals of baby laughter in the room. That's her strategy. Making me laugh so I can't be angry with her. Sneaky.

Sometimes the requests are really random. But sometimes they're quite legit. I mean, I can understand. I would be hungry at 3am too. But I'm an adult and my brain is sometimes stronger than my stomach and it can tell that digestive organ to SLEEP IT OFF!

Anyhow, Poppy's tactic is a little more direct. She doesn't usually beat about the bush.

I'm sure that at some point, I'm standing and sleeping but hey, I can never tell.

So that's pretty much the whole night. I tuck Poppy into bed after a million stories, and tell her sternly to stay there till the sun is up, I climb wearily into bed and then Calla stirs. I nurse her, in the hope that she'll fall back asleep. After what feels like an hour, she does! And just as I relax my tensed back, I hear my door creak open. And it goes on all night.

What about Max? What's he doing when I'm playing the game of "Keep Mama occupied", you ask? Actually don't, ok? Just don't.

Well, he takes over at 5am when I accidentally swat his arm a few times and subconsciously yell out "My turn to sleep!". Seriously, accidently. As in, I was actually aiming for his face but the accuracy of a sleep deprived Mama isn't really good.

Disclaimer: To give the kids credit, they have managed remarkably well, given that they've had a total of 19 hours on the plane plus an 8-hour stopover, and are adjusting well to the 12-hour time difference. So far so good. This morning we graduated from having supper at 2am to having breakfast at 4am. As my once favourite band (that was apparently performing in Montreal during our trip) New Kids on the Block would say, "Step by step, oh baby".

If you're wondering about the drawings: I've so been inspired by this mum. Her writing is hilarious and her drawings sometimes make me pee in my pants. But before you go all copycat-kiss-the-rat on me, you may like to read her FAQ page where she states that she 'is not the first ever human to draw pictures', and that she too was inspired by and accused of copying someone else. 


  1. Haha yeah someone once told me kids dun have jetlag. Crap. When we were in sweden and came back for a three week visit, angel always had jetlag for one to two weeks. And every middle of the night, three of us would drive out to have supper at different parts of singapore. Good way to satisfy those cravings too! Hope u get back ur routine soon enough and meanwhilr enjoy sleeping while standing! Tsk tsk.

  2. u r so patient!!! the first trip that we will be taking with our baby is to Taipei (phew! no time zone diff), she'd be nearly a year old then. any advice on flying with babies? pls? :-)

  3. Oh woman! I admire your strength to handle this in such a cool way! I can't imagine me going through this! I would yelled my head and yanked my boobs off!

  4. I totally feel you! The kids had jet lag for a week when we got back from London, but at least they only stayed awake from 12am to 3am! Even then I was soooo annoyed! I was like a broken recorder, just kept repeatedly telling them to "go to sleep". Hope they get over it soon.

  5. Argh totally understand! Took 2 over weeks for big J to get over jetlag when we moved back. He was sleeping really late & waking early. Hang in there & they will adjust... Really soon!


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