Friday, June 7, 2013

The One Where Max and I Went on a Date... In the 60s!

The dating scene these days is complicated. There are so many places to go, such a wide array of food to choose from, so many different modes of transport. And when we finally get there, we feel compelled to update our friends, families and every other stranger that we're on a date with so-and-so and wherever and doing whatever. So we stick our noses in our new phones all evening and ignore the person on front of us, who in turns ignores us for periodic beeps for, his/her phone.

50 years so, we wouldn't have had to face this problem. Things were simpler then.

Boy and Girl would probably have spent much of their childhood catching fish in a drain or flying kites on wide open fields. Girl would be something like 3 years younger than Boy, and Boy would probably be Girl's brother's classmate.

One of their richer neighbours would have a TV set and several families, including Girl's and Boy's would huddle in their little living room to watch The Brady Bunch and Doctor Who together, in black and white. It's probably during these times that Girl would sneak a few glances at Boy. They might even bump into each other while buying ice balls at five cents along their street as an evening treat.

It's maybe about this time that fleeting feelings of romance would be entertained in the mind of Girl, who would doodle his name and hers in class, and strike out their common letters, counting the remaining ones with "friendship, courtship, hatred and love" so see where their yet-to-begin relationship would end. She might daydream about calling him on her telephone with the numbers in a round dial, but would chide herself for being silly. 

Boy might or might not think of Girl while being sent out by his father to buy sticks of cigarettes from a tin at the neighbourhood provision shop that kept its money in a Milo tin secured with a pulley system.

Boy would grow to adopt the fashion of a "curry pok" fringe, black framed glasses, and suspenders. Girl would dress in frocks or mis-matched blouses and skirts made by her seamstress mother. 

Perhaps a few years down the road, Boy would ask Girl out on a date. He'd put aside some money from the salary he earned as a Bookkeeper, and bring her to watch Goldfinger at Capitol Theatre. They'd have kachang putih and Girl would spend the entire duration of the movie wondering if Boy would hold her hand. But she watches the movie enough to keep in mind to add a picture of Sean Connery to her bedroom soon as she can.

After the movie, they probably go for some noodles at a street stall, where they would share a bottle of Green Spot or Magnolia Milk. If timing permitted, they might just go for a little stroll around. Boy would suggest looking at the newly opened National Museum at Stamford Road, and Girl would oblige with a smile. Anything that Boy suggests must be a good idea, she thinks. And does he look dashing in his new black glasses.

If they met a satay seller with his make shift stall along their stroll, there is a chance they might purchase a few sticks. They might even walk all the way home, just to prolong their date. 

After their date, Girl would probably gush about how handsome he was in a bedroom she shared with her 3 other sisters, decorated with posters of Warren Beatty and Robert Redford. She would give them a detailed description through giggles, and they might talk deep into the night with a bowl of shared noodles, ordered from the noodle seller downstairs, by means of a basket thrown out their window to collect their bowl of supper.  Boy would go home and shrug if any of his 5 siblings asked about his date.

Over time, they would meet for toast and coffee at the neighbourood coffee shop, and she would eventually buy him a record of Creedence Clearwater Revival for his birthday, and he cycle around the neighbourhood with his new bicycle, and her sitting at the back. 

Then Boy would suddenly realize that Girl was indeed the one of his dreams. Girl would be in seventh heaven. They'd get married and move to a little one-room rented house, have kids and Boy would continue working while Girl would stay home to care for the kids, and be an excellent mother and housekeeper. She'd feed the little ones on their rattan chairs and let them play in drains just as their mother and father did.

Ah, the simplicity of love in the 60s.

... And bringing us back to 2013,

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  1. Hahahahhahha!! I LOVE this!!

    So annoyingly coy, plus Max - with black glasses, cuts quite a dashing 60s suitor! :)

    ...and now we come to the all important question: who took those photos?

  2. Lol @ "annoyingly coy"! Max's glasses have no lenses! We dug them out from Poppy's toy box! Poppy took these pictures! She did a great job didn't she :)

    1. Yes she did! I had a sneaking suspicion it was her, but I had to be sure because they look very professional!

      She must have had a blast watching Mama and Papa lovey dovey!

  3. Friendship, courtship, hatred, love!!!! Long time never hear that chanting liao...

  4. Poppy must have had fun seeing papa and mama going on a date. Flashback Friday for her indeed.

  5. Love this!friendship courtship hatred love! So classic!hahaha

  6. Very cute!! Love this post ;) poppy did such a great job with the photos.

  7. That skirt and belt! What wonderful pics!

  8. Nice pics! I was wondering if NHB or NLB sponsored the post as I was reading!


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