Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Time for the Things that Matter

I recently turned 35. I mean 25. I look no different from what I did last year. Or at least that's what my old failing eyes tell me.

But my kids are 5 years and 14 months respectively. And the growth and changes in them are so drastic, thinking about it just makes me want to cry. 

In the past 14 months, I watched in amazement as my little one learnt to flip, move, sit, crawl, stand, walk, drink from a straw and feed herself. At each milestone, I clapped and celebrated as well as wiped hot flashes of tears as they welled up in my eyes. 

I clap because I want to encourage and support my kids in everything they do. Because I'm their mum and that's my job. I cry because with each milestone, it reminds me that they are growing, and growing fast. And also because well, I'm their mum and it's my job. 

I want to do away with all these time stealers so much that it hurts. Oh it hurts each time I tell the kids to wait a minute while I do the dishes or mop up spills. 

I want to be able to make time for the things that matter. Like holding my baby's hand and going for walks. 

I want to bring them to parks and watch them play.

I want to be able to sneak a peek at their special moments where they bond as sisters, and feel my heart swell up with pride. Yes, even if they are doing things they know they're not supposed to be doing. Like jumping on the bed.

I want to be there each time they say "Look, Mama!" and show me silly things. 

I want to have the time to just watch them be individuals as they explore. 

I want to have the time for the things that matter. To cuddle them, to read with them, to stroke their hair, to kiss their cheeks, to tell them I love them. 

I don't want to spend all my time fighting them. They're girls and there is a high chance we will have our clashes in their teenage years about boys and earrings and clothes and curfews. But now they're babies and I don't want to have to fight about things like diapers. 

Which is why I am in love with these things:

Yes that's a diaper. On a bench. At one of the top universities in the world. And yes I changed my baby there. Why? Because it took me something like 5 seconds to do it as opposed to spending 45 minutes walking around a 200 year old university campus looking for a possibly non existent diaper changing station. 

And after that quick change, we were back in action: walking, talking, playing, cuddling, living. No squealing baby who didn't want to lie on the cold bench for a diaper change. No frustrated Mama having to wrestle squealing baby with karate kicks. No flying diapers.
(Disclaimer: of course her modesty was protected. It's very easy to remain covered when one is wearing a little dress) 

I have active kids and having a well-fitted diaper means that my baby can do all kinds of acrobatic tricks without any fear of leakage. Also, the absence of flaps keeping the diaper in place means that she won't spend half an hour experimenting and checking if she's able to remove the diaper mid-poo.

In our hot and humid weather, the little one is often dressed only in a diaper to keep cool. Knowing that she is in a diaper that will keep her (and my floors) dry makes me feel secure; mopping pee from the floor really isn't one of my hobbies.

Because spending time with them and doing things with them matter to me. Everything else should be done quickly and gotten out of the way so that I can focus on the things that matter.
And as their mum, all I can do is my best for them, make sure they know I love them, and watch them as they sleep, reminding them not to grow so fast. 

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  1. Omg Calla does grow up fast!!! She's almost not a baby if not for the diapers if u know what I mean.

    And u do look the same lucky u :)


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