Saturday, June 22, 2013

What the H?

We lived past few days in a bit of a confused state - here we were enjoying the cool crisp air of the start of Summer, on the tail end of our holiday in Canada. Just yesterday we had a lovely picnic in Mont Royal Park, a beautiful park that was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, the same landscape architect that designed New York's famous Central Park. 

Yes, sky that we can see. In a colour we all know. Blue.

But it isn't without a bit of guilt. Because in this same period of time, our friends back home have braved smoke, dust and horrid smells to get to work. Those lucky enough to not be working declared home arrest on themselves, locking themselves at home in their air conditioned rooms. 

Some have booked themselves into hotels, others have sought refuge in homes of relatives out of Singapore. 

Pictures courtesy of my Dad in Singapore

Our family and friends. People we love, people we have known for years, people with young children, not unlike us. 

"Stay where you are," they urge. 

"Prolong your holiday," they beg. 

"Don't come back now, it's horrible," they plead. 

We appreciate everyone's kind thoughts. But as much as we'd like to stay, we have to come back. We are not looking forward to sore  throats or itchy eyes but we are doing all we can now to boost our immunity and prepare for the inevitable. 

H may be for Haze, but H is also for Home. And that is why we will be bidding the cool clean air goodbye and boarding a plane in 12 hours. See you soon, Home.


  1. the image from the condo looks familiar! looks like the one near my place. hehe.

    welcome home! please buy n95 masks for yourself and the family while you're still overseas, cos it's always running out of stock here! best to return with a mask readily available!

  2. Good new is, the haze situation seemed to have improved! Pack in some fresh air on your luggage for us all :)


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