Monday, July 1, 2013

How to Not Plan an Awesome Party in 5 Simple Steps

We celebrated Poppy's 5th birthday party yesterday and had lots of fun. But I did a major booboo with the party favours. Here's how you can too! In just 5 simple steps!

1. Score a bundle of awesome party favours at a great price halfway around the world. They're heavy but hey, there's a price for perfection. And they ARE perfect.

 2. Buy ten sets in bright vibrant colors and plan your entire party around those colours.

3. Daydream about the kids having a blast with their party favours.

4. Forget to pack them in your suitcase when you leave for home.

5. Go ahead with party anyway without party favours 

Ed's note: Poppy and Calla's nana turns 90 next week. I'm sure she and her friends will have a fab party and enjoy their super fun colourful balloon wands. 

Yes I bought lots of giant bubble wands at a fantastic price. No I didn't stop to think that I was depriving other kids in Montreal the joys of giant bubble fun. Yes I believe in retribution.

If you're wondering about the drawings: I've so been inspired by this mum. Her writing is hilarious and her drawings sometimes make me pee in my pants. But before you go all copycat-kiss-the-rat on me, you may like to read her FAQ page where she states that she 'is not the first ever human to draw pictures', and that she too was inspired by and accused of copying someone else.  


  1. Ayoh!!!!

    I think Pops had a blast anyways :D

  2. Loving your new colorful illustations...The true measure of an awesome party lies not in the party favors but the amount of laughter the kids had and how special the birthday girl felt. I'm sure you scored perfect in those areas! :D Happy 5th Birthday Poppy and advanced Happy 90th Birthday to Nana! God's riches blessings be on you both :)


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