Wednesday, March 19, 2014

5 Reasons why We Love Our Airport!

I am so in love with our airport! There's something new to see each time we are there (yes, still talking about the airport, not some museum).

There are airports, and there are airports. I've been to my fair share of airports and I think that the number of food outlets at Changi Airport is probably more than all the food outlets in all the airports I've been to, combined. How many of us say "We'll just grab dinner at the airport before we board the plane"? That's not always possible at every airport! I used to take it for granted, but one very quickly learns to appreciate Changi Airport, especially when one has landed in some foreign country at 4am, starving with no food options available.

Family friendliness? The closest child-friendly thing I've seen is a little playground at Doha airport. Changi Airport on the other hand, has gone all out to ensuring that it's a fun destination not only for travellers, but also for those who visit for no reason at all.

Here are five of our favourite free things to do at Changi Airport!

1) The viewing gallery
When it comes to watching aeroplanes up close and personal, nothing beats ceiling to floor glass panels. The viewing gallery at Terminal 3 is really gorgeous. There's even an area of glass bottom floor to scare the crap out of acrophobic Mamas. My almost 2-year old enjoyed it the most; her favourite word now is "aeroplane" :)

2) Wood block rubbing stations
Lots of paper and crayons provided at these stations that were big enough to accomodate 8-10 children at one go. Did the kids enjoy it? Oh very much, thank you.

3) Free play areas
And I'm not just talking about railings at check-in counters that kids can hang from. I'm talking about serious play areas.

Like The Slide @ T3 (incidently the world's tallest slide in an airport) - 12 metres high (4 storeys tall)!. There are actually 2 slides - the 1.5 storey one (located at basement 2) is free, and the 4-storey one (located at level 1) requires a spend of $10. Both slides are open daily from 12noon to 10.30pm, height and age requirements apply.

Those who aren't too big on an adrenelin rush can check out the smaller play area which is so strategically placed right next to the big slides.

And perhaps our happiest discovery today was to learn that Canopy at the viewing gallery of Terminal 1, is now free! There used to be a small admission fee but it's now been scraped. Hooray!

4) Lots of fun displays
Our favourite of all was the Kinetic Rain display at the departure hall of Terminal 1. This was one of the few times we've seen it in action and were all mesmerized by it. 1216 bronze droplets moving in perfect rhythm in time mimicking shapes like dragons, aeroplanes, rainfall ... through soft fluid movements.

Each droplet is connected to a motor and the entire installation took 20 months to get set up! Worth it? Oh yes. Cool? You betcha. You can watch it in action here. And to think that as kids, we found the good ole 'strings of water from the ceiling' thing entertaining!

5) Free kiddy transport!
I'd forgotten about these things and were so grateful to have spotted an empty one! Parents, you understand. My biceps thanked me profusely.

If you're planning a trip to the airport soon (let me guess - Singaporean, yes?), here are some other activities you might want to check out.

PS other things that might interest you:
- there are lots of toilets and they are clean!
- nursing rooms are available
- there's the Exotic Turkey exhibition at T3 from now till 14 April

If you're local, tell me what your favourite thing about our airport is, won't you?


  1. Indeed it is such a Singaporean thing isnt it! Many of my foreign friends cannot imagine going to an airport just for fun. Who can blame them indeed! We also love going to the airport with our kids. Thank you for sharing that Canopy is now free! It wasnt expensive in the first place right? But free is better than cheap any day!:P

    1. it is SUCH a funny Singaporean thing isn't it! But with such an awesome airport as this, who can blame us!

  2. When we return to Singapore with the twins in the latter half of the year, we will certainly make the airport one of our day outings - it's indoors, cool, heaps to see, wide open spaces to walk around, the kids love planes ... what's there not to like when entertainment is to be held all under the same roof? :-)

    Before the twins came along, the husband and I once spent 7 hours at the airport on the day of our flight back to Australia. It was a most relaxing 7 hours spent in cool comfort - we ate, walked, read our books and before we knew it, it was time for us to board our plane!

  3. I love our airport too.. there is a lot of food to eat both inside and outside the departure areas and lots of things to do ~ Slide, exhibitions to visit, indoor playground, shopping etc etc. Haven't seen so many shops and even free games/ cinema within the transit area :) super fun!!

    1. It's hands down the best airport ever :D

  4. I enjoy reading at Changi airport! Plus, looking at airplanes during eye breaks is a nice change :D

    1. Ah reading. I look forward to reading books without big pictures in them!

  5. I enjoy reading at Changi Airport. Plus, looking at the airplanes during eye breaks is a nice change :D


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