Friday, March 21, 2014

Disney on Ice: For little kids, and not so little kids

This is our third year watching Disney on Ice, and with every passing year, our seats got closer and closer to the main event. This year, we were seated 7 rows from the front, in the centre. Imagine our excitement! Thank you, Disney, for sponsoring our tickets!

From our experience, for a "live" show like this, it is definitely true that the closer you are to the front, the better. When you are seated a million rows up above, the only thing you are close to is the toilets. The skaters however, simply look like little 2-cm tall characters moving around.

I don't know who enjoyed the show more, Poppy or me. I mean, she enjoyed it, and I enjoyed watching her laugh and clap as her favourite characters appeared.

Poppy was dressed as Brave, a costume we managed to borrow from a very kind friend

It may be a show for kids, but as an adult, I appreciated so many things. The costumes for example, were amazing beyond belief. I swear that the audience gasped collectively during the stampede scene of The Lion King. The skaters kind of had buffalos and giraffes and vultures and leopards and ostriches stuck onto their backs as they skated around. The only word I can think of to describe this, and it's not as powerful as I would like, is "Awesome!".

Photo: Disney
The amazing face masks, like the one on Captain Hook? Wow, seriously wow. Incidently, it's the original Captain Hook with Peter Pan, Wendy and the lost boys story. Remember that and don't be confused when your child asks for Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

What's a show without an amazing sword fight? Photo: Disney

Poppy's not very familiar with Alice in Wonderland but it's an old classic that I grew up with, so I was really awed by this scene. The card soldiers! They were really cool with double (front and back) masks!

Photo: Disney

Out of all the princes, it is my humble opinion that Flynn was the probably the best looking :) But more impressive was of course, the skating and the connection between the skaters. There must be so much trust between partners. I mean, if I'm going to flip my body backward to have my head land 2 inches from cold, hard ice, I'll need to be absolutely certain that my partner will catch me!

All those flips, all those turns, all those jumps were wow. But all that, done with a big smile, and in costume! Super wow, folks, super wow. 

Perhaps one of the lovelist moments was when all the princesses came out, all escorted by their respective prince charmings. It was truly magical, for little girls and even for a certain not so little girl.

Note: there were certain things that I thought were borderline disturbing - when Snow White was placed in the glass coffin, and the pirates' masks from Peter Pan were a little scary for the little ones.

Disney on Ice presents Treasure Trove is on until 23 March 2014. Tickets can be purchased here, and start at $20. Cat 1 seats (that we were at) are at $60 - and if you can spare the dough, VIP seats and floor seats go up to $95/$110 per seat, and if you do get those, you can bet you'll be crowned the best parents ever because you'll be so close, you can almost touch the skaters.

If you're bringing your daughters, do yourself a favour and beg, steal or borrow a Princess gown for her. You might feel silly but she will feel like? A princess of course.

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  1. So true about the costumes! Love love the flowy skin-revealing costumes of the backup folks for Aladdin and the under the sea glow in the dark costumes! I mean, WOW. Totally agree. I loved the card soldiers too, although, still think it was too draggy. Hahah, but that's just me. Heh heh.


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