Hi! Welcome to The Gingerbreadmum. I'm Adora and I'm the main contributor of this blog. That means that I write most of the stuff, take most of the pictures, and I'm also the one who says "hey I have a blog; you wanna read it?" the most to unsuspecting strangers at the market.

I was recently interviewed by Unqualified Parents magazine* so I thought I would share this here; it gives a pretty good idea of who I am.

Unqualified Parents (UP) : First of all, congratulations on getting on the top ten of Unqualified Parents of the Year. Can you tell us why you deserve to win this prestigious award?

Adora Tan (AT) : Thank you for your nomination! I'm so honored. Well the kids are brought up in a house that's in a perpetual mess, the free range baby is let loose on most days and eats off the floor at times, and everyone is always at a state of half-dress at home.

Um and the baby recently almost swallowed a piece of sticky tape she tore off a present from under a friend's Christmas tree because I was busy enjoying a cup of coffee.

UP : Tsk. Surely there is some good in you.

AT : Yes, I don't let my kids eat Kit-Kats; I save them all for myself and gorge on them while hiding behind the washing machine in the middle of the night.

UP : But you're a housewife. Surely you have all the time in the world and can keep an eye on a baby. How difficult is that? Enjoying a coffee indeed. Pfft.

AT : Actually, I am a freelance writer. I write for parenting magazines and I own a business teaching kids to craft with recycled materials. And it was my second coffee in a year. And it was decaf...

UP : Ok, you're a housewife with hobbies.

AT : Actually-

UP : Moving on: your kids play with cardboard boxes and plastic bottles?

AT : Yes. We think they outgrow toys too quickly so we hardly buy any. We put little objects into clear bottles for the baby and she loves to hold them. We also let Poppy play with boxes because we feel it encourages creativity - a box can be anything you want it to be!

UP: Lets... Kids....play...with...junk

AT : Poppy also gets to play in the rain...

UP : Has....no....regard....for...kids'....well...being

AT : And she enjoys baking with me. Her recent hobby is doing housework! She find doing the dishes and mopping the floor really fun

UP : Borderline...child...abuse. Right. I think we have what we need. From what you tell me, I'd say you stand a pretty good chance of winning this award.

AT : Er thanks, I think

* To the best of my knowledge, there is no such magazine. It only exists in my imagination. And in my imagination, I am Editor of that magazine.

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