I Heart Smiles!

Welcome to the I Heart Smiles initiative!

It started with this:

You can read more about that day here

It made me realise how much I love seeing my kids smile. All too often, I'm caught up with the little things to do around the house daily, or rushing to meet some deadline or other, that I take them for granted. It takes so little to make them smile and laugh, that I feel guilty as heck for not doing it every day. Is it the same for you too?

And so, for the month of September, join me on my journey as I share what I did to make my kids smile every day.

And of course I'm happy for you to join in as well! Please, please do!


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I Heart Smiles - Let's celebrate our kids' smiles!

So here we go!

Day 1: Playground!

Day 2: Walking in the Rain

Day 3: Dance, Dance, Dance!

Day 4: Oh Happy Meal

Day 5: Chalk It!

Day 6: Merry Go Round

Day 7: Ramps

Day 8: Making Meatballs

Day 9: Animation

Day 10: Spin!

Day 11: Playdate

Day 12: Neck Kisses

Day 13: Poker

Day 14: Special Spot

Day 15: Sushi

Day 16: Mouse Trains

Day 17: Jiayou!

Day 18: Flying

Day 19: Double Special Treat

 Day 20: Enjoying the Concert

Day 21: Breakfast Request

Day 22: Just the Two of Us

Day 23: Pool Fun

 Day 24: Giving them Attennnnn....shun!

Day 27: A Boost!

Day 28: Play!

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